Our Story

Our company started in the early 50s as a family activity making wines from various berries, including several varieties of blueberries, grown in NC and consumed by friends and family. In 2008, we decided to focus on making a high quality premium blueberry wine and to market it as a souvenir. By 2010 we were fermenting, producing, bottling (750ml size), packaging, marketing, and directly distributing our souvenir wine (through our NC and SC wholesaler's licenses) via 3 shipping points (Cerro Gordo and Calabash NC, and Little River SC).

We were both surprised and pleased to see our 2011 shipments grow by 500% over 2010 with only one part-time salesman during 2011! We have two full-time salesmen on board for 2012 and see growth of 1,000-2,000% in 2012 over 2011. There's a lot of "buzz" about this wine which is available throughout the coastal Carolinas, among other areas. We're now establishing our capability to expand our unique iconic labeling, and deliveries, into GA, VA, FL, MD by 2013, as well as other areas moving forward.

As stated by documented testimonials, our blueberry wine is rated as "excellent", and our growth is also fueled by the remarkable success of our focus on presenting the product as a unique souvenir item. Our 100+ retail/restaurants outlets report that it sells faster than any other wine they carry or serve, and that the margin per bottle is also tops! We have 30 separate brands whose labels depict iconic SC and NC images in high traffic tourist areas. The labels are custom painted works of art, or taken from especially unique and compelling art works. It sells very fast when prominently displayed, especially at "point of sale" and as an impulse item.

Our Carolinas Vintage wine is produced using a single Varietal of freshly picked blueberries from a selected grower in White Lake, NC; then laser graded, packaged, and flash frozen at a facility in Garland, NC; then stored at a facility in Lumberton, NC exclusively for our winery. We have enough reserved frozen blueberries on hand, alone, to produce 5,000 cases through May 2012. The back of each bottle carries our unique "Blueberry Sangria" recipe; taking hold, virally, at many of the regions bars and restaurants as well.

Our wine is in restaurants, liquor and wine stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and tourist shops (which have the requisite license), among others. It will make a powerful and unique addition to your Wine Menu/Deli and/or wine section. Please visit our testimonials pages to hear what our merchants and customers are saying about us!

Hans W. Schreus, MBA
Wine Master & CEO