We had a friend recently send me a bottle of your NC Blueberry wine (with the wright flyer on the label) and we loved it. I was wondering what the possibilities of purchasing and shipping a case to Connecticut? Thanks!

Patrick and Maria Hughes July 31, 2013

I just want to tell you, Kerry has helped me so much through this ordering process, from designing the label, to ordering and delivery requests. Not only do we love love love the wine, we love your customer service! Please don't ever stop making the blueberry wine, it's my husbands favorite. It is treated like gold in our house, and he rarely shares it with anyone. He is going to be so thrilled when he received this 10th Anniversary labelled wine. Perhaps I can unstick his hands around a bottle and share it with some friends! Again, thank you so much! We will definitely be returning customers.

Dianne Simoetti, NY April 20, 2013

Hello, I used to work in Sun Cruz and lived in Little River, and recently moved to Ohio, as a going away present, someone gave me a bottle of your "Little River BlueberryWine", now I'm NOT an avid wine drinker but I occasionally drink wines, especially Sangrias (I'm Hispanic), but I have to say this was the most wonderful wine I have ever tasted. Now this is the question, could I order some of this wonderful wine by mail?

Ignacio Diaz, OH June 16, 2012